Pivot Steer Truck Training

Pegasus Lift Truck Training: Ensure Safe and Efficient Operations with Pivot Steer Truck Training for Your Employees. The safety and efficiency of your workplace operations are of utmost importance as an employer.

Invest in your employees' skills and ensure a safer and more productive workplace with Pegasus Lift Truck Training's Pivot Forklift Truck Training Course. Our comprehensive program is designed to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently operate a pivot forklift truck, also known as Bendi or Flexi trucks.

Benefits of Our Pivot Forklift Training Course for Your Employees:

  • Tailored to cover relevant applications, from stacking full pallets in narrow aisles to working in yards and unloading lorries
  • Devised to support drivers in operating the truck safely, efficiently, and with confidence and competence
  • Delivered by experienced trainers who will guide your employees through the latest industry standards and best practices
  • Opportunity for your employees to practice their skills on a variety of pivot forklift trucks
  • Your employees will receive a certificate upon completion that demonstrates their expertise.

Our training is held onsite at our customers' premises and is designed to meet the specific needs of each workplace and surroundings. The aim of this course is to enable your employees to operate pivot forklifts safely and efficiently in your workplace.

Ensure a safer and more productive workplace for your employees and operations. Invest in their skills and enrol them in our Pivot Forklift Truck Training Course today! Contact us to schedule their training session.

Pegasus Lift Truck Training: Ensure Safe and Efficient Operations with Pivot Steer Forklift Training for Your Employees

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