Emergency Evacuation Course for VNA Driver

Introducing our Emergency Evacuation Course for VNA Drivers, a vital training opportunity lasting approximately 4 hours for up to 4 trainees. The course is designed to meticulously plan for emergencies and rescue operations, ensuring all participants understand and agree upon set evacuation procedures. With a focus on foreseeing potential situations, we prioritise employee knowledge of emergency protocols. Specifically, the course emphasises the utilisation of rope evacuation systems as a "last resort" measure, detailing conditions where such methods are justified. This training is essential for anyone operating a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) truck, particularly those involved in lifting operations exceeding 3 meters in height.

Topics Covered:

• Lay out equipment & explain all the different items.
• How to put on the relevant harness.
• Explain how the descender works.
• How to find a suitable anchor point.
• Put trainees at ease, remind them that there is a backup harness & descender that will be attached to them.
• Make sure trainees are comfortable with evacuating from cab at height, ensuring they are comfortable with carrying out the procedure.
• Start at low level & gradually work up to higher levels of the racking.
• Alter the pace of the training to suit trainees.
• Carry out knowledge theory test.

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