Pegasus Lift Truck Training Thinks Outside the Box

Whilst many other training firms have been forced to cancel all their courses and furlough staff during the outbreak, Pegasus has found ways to continue to provide the services its clients so desperately need.
The firm is offering live, online accredited theory training and, wherever possible, is working with clients to provide practical one-to-one training in line with social distancing guidelines also supporting in- house trainers. Pegasus’ skilled instructors are also helping companies who need additional support to unload their pallets and goods. In addition, Pegasus, in partnership with SpaceVac International, is helping workplaces to deep clean their premises safely.

Dawn said: “As the new Midlands distributor for Pegasus-SpaceVac, we can help organisations with Hi-level cleaning to control dust build-up in their workplaces in order to prevent related allergies. Traditionally, cleaning of this nature has been done with a scissor lift and you would have several people doing it. With SpaceVac’s hi-level vacuum cleaning equipment one person at ground level can operate lightweight interlocking carbon fibre poles – fitted with cameras – and clean up to 14 metres high. This is particularly helpful to organisations during the current pandemic.”

Pegasus’ new partnership with SpaceVac International is just one example of how the firm has thought outside the box to deliver its clients a comprehensive package of services. Looking ahead to the future, Pegasus has plans to expand its business further as it starts to offer more advisory services to clients, alongside its traditional training services.
“We will continue to offer training but as our reputation for great service has grown, we’ve found that more and more clients are also turning to us for support,” said Giuseppe.

“Companies are also coming to us for advice on a variety of topics, including Forklift equipment, Racking Training, Spills and Incident training, Ladder and Fire Marshall are just a few as we have links to professional trainers across the country, we’re able to help. We’re aiming to provide a one-stop shop for our clients because we always strive to go above and beyond for them – I think that’s why we continue to be successful 25 years on from our launch.”

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